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Teammates: Quess Liu, Erika White, and Dion Wu

Since 2004, over 6,000 women have lost their husbands to political violence in the southern provinces of Thailand. Thousands more children have been orphaned, and many of those who still have a single parent can no longer afford to have an education. WO-MANIS' mission is to bring joy back to the community by leveraging technology and social media to create an opportunity for widows to sell handmade embroidered hijabs and scarves to people all over the world. In addition to empowering and financially supporting these widows, WO-MANIS hopes to rebuild and strengthen a community shattered by turmoil. Every product purchased through WO-MANIS provides a way for women to support themselves and their children, under Fair Trade standards.

My team and I created an online shop for WO-MANIS to showcase their work, and support their families with the profits. This was an extremely rewarding experience as our work directly improves others' lives. In addition, by working together with a Thai non-profit organization, we all learned a lot about international communication and other cultures. Designing and building WO-MANIS' site was also tricky from a design standpoint, as we built it for an international audience; Asian audiences favor more colorful, busier sites while US audiences favor simpler, cleaner sites. Catering to both audiences was a challenge, and I'm happy with what we came up with.

You can check it out here.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, SpreeCommerce, Heroku, PostgreSQL, and Bootstrap