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Romo iOS App

Romo iOS App

The Internet has made technology drastically more accessible to a majority of the human population but the opposite has been true in robotics. There have been incredible advances in robotics research labs but this tech has been constrained to operating in factories and universities. That's what we set out to change at Romotive. We combined a mobile robotic platform with the powerful processors and smart devices to create an advanced robot that's affordable and easy to use for most people. Romo can do a lot of what expensive research robots do but at a fraction of the cost. We designed Romo to use computer vision to sense his world and react naturally as if he were a creature roaming his environment.

I helped build the visual programming language to make it easy for kids to learn the basics of programming while having fun training Romo. I also helped architect and implement Romo's public and internal iOS SDKs, and open sourced a sample project for developers, Romo Doodle.

The part of the app I am most proud to have built is the telepresence feature that allows you to simply log into Romo from any computer or iOS device to see through his eyes, check your home while you're away, or play with your family when you can't be physically present.

Unfortunately, Romotive is no longer around, and their app is no longer on the app store. Here is a video showcasing some of the features mentioned above.

Built with: Objective-C